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Learn How To Roast Turkey For Every Occasion!

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Turkey roast from La Caja China roaster.

We know Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but we like the idea of family gathering around the fully stocked table of good food, with the delicious whole turkey roast. With the help of a modern roaster such as La Caja China, you can serve a savory dish to your family! So the question is, “How to roast a turkey the easiest way?” Let these hassle-free steps guide you.

Roasting Tips for Moist and Tasty Turkey

You can cook a juicy and tasty roasted turkey in so many ways. Almost all of the techniques used to come up with the most turkey depend on the basting. A turkey can be basted every 30 minutes using a basting bulb, or cover it in butter taken cheesecloth. You can also try brining the turkey for 8-10 hours, a process using seawater solution, or injecting its meat with a brining solution.

Before you start roasting

Thaw the turkey entirely. Start working early, note that turkeys weighing 10 kg takes about 2 -3 days to completely thaw.
Make sure that the turkey is thoroughly defrosted until no ice appears inside and the meat is soft. This is because if the inner cavity is partly or fully frozen as you cook it, the inside temperature level will not be hot enough to destroy disease-causing bacteria.

Preparation and cooking

No matter how good the recipe is or how good it was done – if you don’t have the cooking equipment that will cater to all your cooking needs, you will never achieve what you want. Always stick with the best roasting box, La Caja China!

La Caja China #2



La Caja China #1



La Caja China #3

La Caja China #3 Aluminum


Let's start cooking!

Once it is ready for roasting, get your La Caja China ready and prep it up. If you’re roasting it whole, place it on top of the roaster breast down. If you want it split-up, secure it to the rack using the 4 S-hooks. Pour in a cup of water in the drip tray.

Place the turkey inside the box with the thermometer probe attached. Position the ash pan and charcoal grid on top of the box. Add the right amount of charcoal depending on the model of your La Caja China. Spread the charcoal evenly as it heats up and let the turkey cook.

Remove the ash pan set and place it on top of the long handles after one hour. Turn the turkey on the other side and add more charcoal every hour until the temperature reaches 80 degrees Celsius.

Check the temperature of the meat in the breast, outer thigh, and inner thigh areas. If it’s at least 73 degrees Celsius, then it’s ready for serving!

If you follow this simple steps, you can make the BEST roasted turkey, your family and friends have every tasted! You might want to take a look at our pig roasting box and BBQ grills to prepare for your Christmas Eve dinner.  Meanwhile, to make sure that your meat turns out tender and evenly cooked, watch this short clip we found to learn how to tell if a turkey is done.

Turkey roast cooked inside La Caja China roasting grill box.

Another great turkey roast recipe!

Make sure to write this recipe down too, you will need the following:

1 fresh turkey, 5-6 kg
1 head garlic, halved crosswise
1 onion, quartered
1 whole lemon, halved
1 large bunch fresh thyme
freshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme leaves
1 lemon, zested and juiced
unsalted butter

Melt butter in your saucepan and add lemon zest & juice and add chopped thyme leaves. Set aside.

Remove the turkey's giblets and wash it from inside and out, also get rid of fat you don't want. Pat the outside to dry. Put the fowl into a large roasting pan. Add your salt and pepper inside the turkey’s cavity. Stuff it with thyme, halved garlic, quartered onion and halved lemon. Brush the turkey with your butter mixture then finally sprinkle it with salt and pepper to taste.

Beer and herbs? Why not!

Put the turkey on La Caja China roasting rack, breast down. Pour water in the tray, if you wish you can put beer and add herbs to spice things up. Put the rack inside the roasting box and attack the thermometer probe. Cover the La Caja China box and light up the charcoals.

If you are using model #1, add 6 kg of charcoal on the grid. If you’re using model #2, add 8 kg. Light them all up. After about 20 to 25 minutes, they should all be lit. Spread them evenly on the grid and start your timer. It’s cooking time!

Final steps before serving

Remember, our roasting grill model #3 is designed especially for the task of roasting turkey and it fits perfectly one 6kg big bird and is just great to have in your backyard.

After one hour, detach your ash pan and charcoal grid from the box. Put them safely on top of the La Caja China’s long handles.
Time to flip the turkey, clean the burned ashes from the ash grid (because, if the ashes stay, they will block the heat) and add more coal. Keep adding coals until your thermometer reads 80 degrees Celsius. If you still want to brush your turkey with sauce, only do so once the desired temperature is reached. Cover for another 10 to 15 minutes to cook.

La Caja China turkey roast.

Get your turkey out of the roasting box. Let it cool down before carving. Congratulations, you just made your perfect turkey roast.

Serve and enjoy!

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