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Valuable Tips And Tricks When Grilling Pork

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All kinds of meat being grilled on top grill of La Caja China roasting box.

We know everybody like barbecue parties, especially in spring and summer. But we know that everyone is not a grill master, yet you are lucky if you're a beginner, since grilling is a very simple cooking method. All you need is a good barbecue grill, nice weather, good piece of meat, a great marinade and you are set to go! But let us share with you some of our well kept secrets, tips and tricks about pork grilling facts, before you fire up your charcoals on the La Caja China pig roaster.

Pork Grilling Facts & Tips

Grilling involves the use of high heat in short cooking times which is responsible for toughening the meat. It quickly cooks the surface of the food and then slowly works on the middle part. So when your timing is right and the temperature in your grill is set correctly, the food is cooked properly and left with a crispy outside coating, a moist center and a smoky flavor.

There are two types of grilling: direct and indirect. Direct grilling means that food is cooked directly over the heat source. This is used for items that cook in 30 minutes or less such as steaks, ham slices, patties, precooked sausages or pork chops. Indirect grilling means that food is cooked in a way that’s not directly over the heat source. This method is used to slow the cooking down and to make the center of the food item to be thoroughly cooked. Indirect grilling is best for roasts, ham and ribs.

Pre-heating a grill to the right temperature results to a flavorful food or meat crust.

For most types of barbecue cookers, coating the racks with vegetable oil or a nonstick veggie oil spray prevents food items from sticking.

Leaving a charcoal-free space in your grill gives you a place to move your food should a flare-up occur.

Instead of using fork to turn your meat, use tongs instead. The fork pierces the meat thus letting juices (and its flavor) escape.

Steaks and chops should at least be 2cm thick to prevent burning or overcooking.

Marinating meat before grilling doesn’t only give it flavor. It also keeps the meat moist.

To add a different twist to your barbecue, you can put aromatic woods in the preheated charcoals. Examples of these include apple, cherry or hickory.

Those are our best nice tips if you're a BBQ beginner and if you follow them, you will be become a pro yourself in no time. So get cooking!

And should you need BBQ grill parts, pig roasters plus all kinds of accessories, visit La Caja China Europe website!

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