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Why Is BBQ Bad For Your Health

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Everybody loves to eat grill or BBQ food in the Summer when the weather is warm and sunny and perfect for backyard grilling parties with family and friends.

First of all, let’s establish that BBQ is NOT grilling

Barbecuing is cooking the meat slowly under low temperature, whereas grilling is quickly cooking the meat in dry heat or high temperature. Grilling is done with the lid up and with direct heat from the bottom instead of all around the source, while barbecuing is cooking meat with the lid closed in a slow circumvented unit of hot air.

Roasting is cooking with dry heat where hot air envelops the food - in our case of La Caja China roasters, without any direct contact with fire.

BBQ & Grill share the same health issues

Sadly recent medical research has shown that grilling, frying or barbecuing meats at high heat can cause the carcinogenic heterocyclic amine (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to form. 

HCAs form when any muscle meat — animal flesh as opposed to organ meat — is cooked at high temperatures. More HCAs are formed when pan surface temperatures are higher than 220 Celsius such as with most frying or grilling. Basically, the higher the cooking temperature is, the higher the number of dangerous HCAs in your meat is.

PAHs form when fat drips from the meat on to the flame. As the meat is cooked over the very hot fire from hot coals, the fat that is burned drops onto the coals and instantly evaporates into this dangerous smoke, that then rises and sticks to your meat. The same smoke and charr that gives your meat taste, can also give you serious health issues.

"Essentially, the hotter and longer a meat is cooked, the more HCAs and PAHs. Direct heat methods like frying and grilling produce more than indirect-heat methods like stewing, steaming or poaching."

There is also danger with barbecued meats that are basically cooked over a long period of time with smoke. That smoke contains a high level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are bad for you.

And with BBQ smoke it is not just the food we eat, also the air we breathe when BBQ-ing: it was proven that inhaling the smoke is also harmful and recently it was found that also absorption through the skin might be an equally significant issue — and one that has mostly been overlooked.

Fortunately, we have a solution for you. 

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But when you cook with La Caja China roasting box you are cooking with INDIRECT HEAT, meaning that the meat inside the box is not in direct contact with the dangerous smoke or extremely high source of heat.

You are also cooking at an average temperature of 185 Celsius, which is the optimal cooking temperature for meat as recommended by chefs.

La Caja China will roast the meat just like any traditional oven: from the heat of hot coals that are all outside, while the delicious roasts remain inside the box, cooking within its own juices and locking that taste inside.

No, La Caja China is not a BBQ smoker or a traditional grill - it is a piece of better and healthier cooking equipment! Meat prepared this way will taste great and also have healthy properties, since the dangerous smoke stays outside of the box and there is no direct contact with meat and fire also the temperature inside the box never reaches 200 Celsius!

pig roast, roasted pig

We offer a wide selection of roasting boxes for any taste and requirement - for personal or professional use! If you are interested, please visit our online store!

La Caja China #1



La Caja China #2



New NEW La Caja China MEDIUM



La Caja China #3



Some tips and tricks how to grill foods and still eat healthy

  • Marinate meats in a lemon or vinegar based marinade. In one study, marinades reduced the formation of HCAs on grilled steaks by 57 to 88 percent.
  • Steam meat (two to five minutes) or microwave (60 to 90 seconds) 
  • Don’t place the meat directly over the flame.
  • Don’t press the meat while it cooks. This releases drippings onto the flame.
  • Clean the grill and replace charcoal after every use. Residual meat and fat drippings can continue to cook and become carcinogenic.
  • Cut off any charred parts.

Our roasting boxes are not just multifunctional, mobile, easy to use, easy to clean and with proper care will last you a lifetime - but they are also the most healthy way of cooking food with fire on your Summer grilling parties!

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