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Why Is BBQ Bad For Your Health

La Caja China Europe

Everybody loves to eat grill or BBQ food in the Summer when the weather is warm and sunny and perfect for backyard grilling parties with family and friends.


Sadly recent medical research has shown that grilling meats at high heat can cause the carcinogenic heterocyclic amine (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to form. 

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La Caja China in Business: Catering

La Caja China Europe

Have your catering been experiencing an ill-managed business phase with lack of customer satisfaction and unfavourable reviews? If yes, then did you tried to crawl down the reasons on why this was happening so? Well, the restaurant owners, food chain holders and even catering service providers have been facing lot of such troubles due to the lack of equipments and facilities which they had.


But now since La Caja China introduced some of its amazing assets, or we can say grilling and roasting boxes in the market, people within the Territory of EU, Republics of Ex Yugoslavia and even Russia are now taking their food chains to higher levels. If you want to be one of them, then read further and find out how the La Caja China has exceptionally simplified the task of bulk grilling and roasting!

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La Caja China In Business: Resturants

La Caja China Europe

Skeptical about where to roast your perfect meat meal especially pig roast? Well, never stay in doubt when La Caja China is around! Initiated in December 23, 1985, the idea of roasting the meats, especially pigs to get a distinctive cooking experience within unique boxes has got initiated in the company’s factory located within Hialeah, Florida.

The La Caja China brings in certain incredible roasting box and roasting grills which are efficiently designed to cook every sort of meat in the most convenient and delicious manner. Chickens, turkeys, fish and ribs just fall under the category of those amazing dishes which you can easily cook up and create a limitless combination of uniqueness and lip smacking taste with juicy softness on the inside and utterly delicious crisp on the outside. So lest read further and find out how La Caja China can help your restaurant!

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La Caja China in Business: Hotels

La Caja China Europe

One of the challenges for hotels and other hospitality venues is to have the right kind of equipment available for the many different customers who come into their place of business. Hotels will cater to many different groups with various meal and event requests. Investing in equipment with the capacity to feed large groups and handle different types of food is essential.


La Caja China provides this convenience for hotels and conference centers that need to provide large event services. The roaster has the capacity and the versatility to handle numerous different events, making your establishment more marketable. In addition, the easy, straightforward design means that outside caterers that may utilize your equipment will be able to use the La Caja China box easily.

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La Caja China is The Best Pig Roaster

La Caja China Europe

Throughout history, the whole roasted pig was a symbol of wealth and power. It was the centrepiece of the dining room tables of kings and queens across the world. The masses simply couldn’t afford to enjoy such a luxury. Fortunately, that is no longer the case!

Thanks to the innovative and creative thinking of Roberto Guerra back in the mid-1980s, we now have the La Caja China pig roasting box – an affordable and easy-to-use pig roaster that will transform the way you look at pig roasting forever.

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Pig Roast Cooking Instructions Video Guide

La Caja China Europe

Buying the original La Caja China roasting box is the first step to becoming the pit master yourself, but making your first pig roast can be challenging, especially if you have no instructions or anyone to help.


So we created this blog entry with video to help you in your first epic barbecue and trust us - the results will be perfect and delicious!

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Learn How To Roast Turkey For Every Occasion!

La Caja China Europe 30.10.2017

We know Thanksgiving is an American holiday, but we like the idea of family gathering around fully stocked table of good food, with the delicious whole turkey roast. With the help of a modern roaster such as La Caja China, you can serve a savory dish to your family! So the question is, “How to roast a turkey the easiest way?” Let these hassle-free steps guide you.

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This Is Why We Love Charcoal Grills!

6/6/2017 La Caja China Europe

This is an endless debate: charcoal vs gas grills. People are still trying to debate which one is better, but what actually matters here is the taste and convenience for you. And here are few reasons why.


1. Charcoal grills make the dishes with very smoky flavor. This is the best way to get the smoky taste: fire and wood. This point is definitely unquestionable if you’ll use your La Caja China.

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Top Healthy Grill Recipes for the Summer

1/6/2017 La Caja China Europe

Summer barbecues and grill parties are always fun and delicious, but for some there is always the question of the amount of calories, fat, sugar in the BBQ recipes and food. So for all those, we have found some great healthy recipes for your backyard barbecue party with La Caja China roasting box and you should try them out!

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Mediterranean Style Octopus Roast

20/5/2017 La Caja China Europe

Many people wonder, what they can roast in our roasting boxes - and we always answer the same: almost anything! Any type of meat, fish or seafood is great, since La Caja China offers the ancient way of cooking food with fire, just like our ancestor did when they dug a hole in the ground and made the first oven.

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Safety Tips For Outdoor Barbecuing and Grilling

9/5/2017 La Caja China Europe

Barbecues and grills have become more and more popular and so do the backyard and garden BBQ parties and events that bring families and friends togather in any part of Europe. However, accidents with fire do happen and it is always better to be safe then sorry.


When you work with fire outdoors there are several safety tips you will need to remember and obey to make sure your garden BBQ party doesnt turn into an accident.

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Great Side Dishes for a La Caja China Pig Roast

5/5/2017 La Caja China Europe

Any type of meat roast lunch or dinner, as a pièce de résistance of the meal, requires a nice selection of side dishes, which will surely complement it to the fullest. In most countries there are two staples: roasted vegetables (usually potatoes) and a type of salad (mixed vegetables, laef salad ...) So here are our top three side dishes, which go inredibly well with the La Caja China pig roast.

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How To Make Your Own Lechon Asado

24/4/2017 La Caja China Europe

It is known that Cubans simply love the roasted pig and we are happy to have such great connection with La Caja China roasters and Cuba, so we can taste the special difference between the classic pig roast and lechon asado. The main star is the use of sauce. Cubans make a special sauce called mojo criollo, their very popular pig marinade. It is very easy to do if you want to serve a Cuban-flavored lechon asado to your loved ones and friends!

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The Best Recipe For the Smallest Roasting Box

18/4/2017 La Caja China Europe

The La Caja China model #3 is our smallest member of the family, but it will surprise you! The only limitation about it is, that it can not roast whole big animals (heavier then 10kg), but it has the same durability and grilling efficiency as his bigger brothers. So we have found some great recipes, that you can use to cook in the smallest famous roasting box, and here is one of them: delicious pork ribs, that melt in your mouth!

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Valuable Tips And Tricks When Grilling Pork

10/4/2017 La Caja China Europe

We know everybody like barbecue parties, especially in spring and summer. But we know that everyone is not a grill master, yet you are lucky if you're a beginner, since grilling is a very simple cooking method. All you need is a good barbecue grill, nice weather, good piece of meat, a great marinade and you are set to go!

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Simply the Best Barbecue Sauces for Your Pulled Pork Burger

1/4/2017 La Caja China Europe

Everyones loves a nice pulled pork burger and they are very popular in Europe now too. Delicous pork, great barbecue sauce and an ice cold beer is a perfect combination for any party. And now summer is closing in, spending time with family and friends outside with your favorite barbecue grill box, is the best way to cook and enjoy food. And if you love pulled pork burgers, we have selected some of the finest BBQ sauces recipes for you to try out!

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Barbecuing or Grilling? Aren't They The Same?

26/3/2017 La Caja China Europe

Summer is closing in and your family and friends can now eat outdoors and prepare healthy barbecue recipes on the grill!


Wait, what? That is just wrong use of words!


Yes, barbecueing and grilling is NOT the same cooking method. But do you know that these two differ from each other?

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Texas BBQ Recipes For Any Grill Party

20/3/2017 La Caja China Europe

Yes, our roasting box and grill is 100% made in USA, so why not try some of the American versions of barbecue recipes and have a Texas inspired BBQ party at your home! For this 5 course meal you will need fish, chicken, brisket, ribs and pork chops, so lets get going!

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Tips And Tricks For Your First Pig Roast

15/3/2017 La Caja China

Making a delicious pig roast is not an easy job, but with La Caja China roasters it can be easy as 1-2-3. So if it is your first time preparing a whole pig roast, it is always good listen to experts tips and tricks, to get the best results. If things go wrong with cooking, that is a whole pig that is going to be wasted. But do not worry, we will share with you great tips and if you follow them, your pig roast is going to be delicious, well cooked with crispy skin and juicy & tender meat.

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Eight of Our Best Marinade Tips You Have To Try This BBQ Season

12/3/2017 La Caja China Europe

The season of outdoor BBQ parties is almost here and it is also a part of a long tradition in many countries all over Europe. Doesn't matter if you roast a whole pig, or grill beef, seafood or vegetables on the hot coals, every European family is looking forward to delicious food prepared with fire. But if you are looking for new flavors, marinades, and sauces to spice up your life, here are our eight quick tips.

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Why Do You Need To Have a Pig Roaster At Home

7/3/2017 La Caja China Europe

We know that not everybody likes grilled food or pork meat, but we will tell you a secret, that all the best party hosts know: you just have to own one roasting box at home! Why you ask? Our pig roasters are very easy to use and require very little of your time, once they are loaded and coals are lit. And you can use your pig cooker for ANY type of meat: beef, chicken, lamb, turkey or any kind of seafood.

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Delicious Menu Ideas For Outdoor Barbecues This Spring

1/3/2017 La Caja China Europe

When we think about spring, we imagine colorful flowers, erratic weather, new life, fresh beginnings and well Spring holidays. And while we’re not suggesting that you fly over to Cancun and enjoy spring break there with college students from all over, we still insist that you celebrate this wonderful season by hosting BBQ parties for loved ones and friends. Why not?

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Roast Pig Cuban Style With La Caja China!

27/2/2017 La Caja China Europe

It seems like the Cuban-style roasted pork is becoming one of the best and most loved dishes served during family gatherings, special occasions and even on weekend BBQ parties. Why not?! Just the aroma of the grilling meat on a hot charcoal will already make your stomach jump up and down! In fact, even European families are also into it. And you would think only those who love Cuban dishes are its only fans!

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Our Roasting Box Is a Perfect Solution For Your Restaurant

24/7/2017 La Caja China Europe

If you are either operating a restaurant, or looking to open one, you know that it is not an easy thing to do. If you want to run a successful food business, it takes more than just a good chef. You need great staff and a signature taste that sets you apart from the competition.
Barbecue is by far one of everyone's favorite dishes. This can also be tricky to make and even harder to be consistent with your recipe or taste.

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What’s In Your La Caja China Roasting Box?

20/2/2017 La Caja China Europe

If you haven’t purchased a La Caja China roasting box yet, we believe it’s now the right time to get one! A barbecue grill is an indispensable cooking partner that every home should have. We know that most of you use the oven to roast your turkey or rely on a regular charcoal grill for your BBQ parties. But why would you deny yourself such a great cookware that is so useful and efficient when it comes to serving evenly cooked, juicy meat? And hey, you can even roast a whole pig!


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The Secret to a Great BBQ Ribs Recipe

12/2/2017 La Caja China Europe

When it comes to good meals, there’s few things that can beat something home cooked. Restaurants can come close, but there’s just something about home cooking, a little something extra that restaurant and fast food meals just can’t offer. Some call it love – either love of cooking, love for those the food is being prepared for, or just love for life.

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How to Roast a Whole Pig Using La Caja China

10/2/2017 La Caja China Europe

People love to socialize, hold parties and cookouts. These are great ways to share good times and stories with family and friends.

Some common staples on these events are beer, soda and of course, the food. Have you ever thought about of how to roast a pig and having one on your next get together?

It is definitely something unique and it creates that “something new buzz” all hosts want at their party.

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What Everyone Needs to Know Before Pig Roasting

7/2/2017 La Caja China Europe

Planning a party is really an exciting task. We like to consider different themes and prepare sumptuous meals for our guests.

One of the standout dishes in any celebration would be serving a roast pig. We all know that pig roasting requires some effort, but the results are totally worth it.

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