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This Is Why We Love Charcoal Grills!

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La Caja China roasting box with hot coals on fire in nature.

This is an endless debate: charcoal vs gas grills. People are still trying to debate which one is better, but what actually matters here is the taste and convenience for you! Obviously, we love charcoal barbecue grills. And here are our top 9 reasons why.

1. Charcoal grills make the dishes with very smoky flavor. This is the best way to get the smoky taste: fire and wood. This point is definitely unquestionable if you’ll use your La Caja China.

2. When using smokers, it is easier to use them on charcoal grills.

3. About convenience: gas grills are definitely easier to set up the charcoal, however once you light up the coals on your La Caja China, you actually save time; our roasters have been beautifully and functionally designed to cook your food fast without comprising their quality.

4. According to research, when people were asked to eat steak that was grilled on gas and charcoal grills respectively, no one could tell the difference in terms of taste. However, it was reported that the steak cooked on the charcoal grill has that unique smoky flavor. So if you love steaks, roasts and ribs, go for the charcoal grill!

5. Charcoal grills are best for searing food; the intense heat from the hot coals will also leave a crusty and caramelized texture on your food no gas grill can make.

6. Mobility. Charcoal grills are very portable and easy to move anywhere you wish, since  it’s not hooked to a gas line or a tank. Bringing your La Caja China outdoors, to the beach, to a camp, to your garden is the very main point of it. It will be always in center of attention and you can bring it with you everywhere!

7. Another important thing that you should take note of is that charcoal grills are relatively cheaper than gas grills. Let’s be honest here and admit the fact that our budget plays an important role when buying stuff for our home. Fortunately, our roasting boxes are very affordable and if you buy now we provide FREE DELIVERY to your doorstep if living within European Union.

8. When it comes to durability, there’s no doubt that the La Caja China is such a great buy. You may have seen our customers post their 10-year-old, 13-year-old or 20-year-old roasting boxes. Those are real! Believe or not, the La Caja China lasts for years with proper care and cleaning and if any of the parts need replacements - we have a wide selection of all replacement parts for your roaster.

9. Versatility. Our box is so functional and versatile that you can cook any type of food items in it. Roast whole chickens, pigs, turkeys, lambs and goats, any type of seafood maybe. Grill kebabs, shrimps, fish steaks or fish fillets, vegetables and fruits. You name it, you can grill it! We promise you this: our roasting box will never disappoint you!

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