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Have your catering been experiencing an ill-managed business phase with lack of customer satisfaction and unfavourable reviews? If yes, then did you tried to crawl down the reasons on why this was happening so? Well, the restaurant owners, food chain holders and even catering service providers have been facing lot of such troubles due to the lack of equipments and facilities which they had.

Build up your catering business portfolios with La Caja China & Catering!

But now since La Caja China introduced some of its amazing assets, or we can say grilling and roasting boxes in the market, people within the Territory of EU, Republics of Ex Yugoslavia and even Russia are now taking their food chains to higher levels. If you want to be one of them, then read further and find out how the La Caja China has exceptionally simplified the task of bulk grilling and roasting!


Why every catering service provider needs a La Caja China box?

To our knowledge, the people who reside within the above mentioned places are extremely fond of food which is perfectly roasted, marinated or grilled. Moreover, meat like that of pork turns out to be their priority. However, when customers plan off to spend their amazing weekend with the family somewhere outside, they don’t find the exact kind of food they have been looking for. Most of the caterers have been failing in serving the orders of so many customers at a time and this lead to a fall in their businesses.

To find out a cure for this problems and tame the hunger outbursts of your regular customers, La Caja China brought variety of roasting boxes which can be availed in various designs, sizes, colours and as per the required capacity one wants to cook. Moreover, it’s not essential for the individuals to buy such boxes, they have the complete liberty of renting the boxes as and when they require.


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The main reasons why it has become the life drug of every restaurant or catering service providers is the incredible features that it puts forward!

Easy mobility of the roasting box

The catering service providers, unfortunately have to locomote 100 of different places within a short span of time. whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or any other occasion, they have to be quick and mobile. Moreover, if they have to serve more than one event a day, then the task becomes even more complicated. But with our La Caja China roasting boxes, you can always have the fun to move your box easily and cook right on the venue. The box comes with long handles and wheels, which makes it easy for the users to move, even the heaviest boxes around the corners of the city.

Provides great, hot serves instantly

every individual comes with just one issue in an occasion or party, that the food wasn’t hot. Probably, you might reheat the food again and again, but it looses the actual aroma and taste while reheating. In fact, you can’t ever do this with grilled or roasted food as it brings out the perfect taste only after one fine cooking session. Thus, if you always wish to please the guests on any of the occasion, just opt for our boxes. They help the caterers roast on site, while ensuring the meat is fresh, juicy and hot enough when it’s served to the guests.

Requires really less attention

It is an obvious fact that none of the restaurant or catering service even would end up having one or two dishes within the menu. So being a caterer, you not only have to pay attention to your pork, but you also have to undertake the process of cooking a lot of different recipes. So with our boxes, you feel the joy as once the meat is loaded over the roaster, you just need to look after it in a while. It requires very less attention and gives you ample time to cook other food items while the meat is getting all ready to be grasped.

Provides even heat and cooks crisp meat

It’s not only the case with pork, but you can eventually cook a lot of other meat products within our La Caja China roasting box. As the box is designed very specifically and is a perfect piece of art, it flames out even heat in a due time and cooks whole of your meat is the perfect manner. So now, you will get the best crispiest crust on the outside, while it still stays juicy on the inside. There are no chances of excessive burning or less cooked parts which make the food tasteless.

Saves time by cooking in bulk

Our La Caja China roasting boxes are available in variety of sizes and they hold huge capacities to fulfil the desires of every catering business. With our boxes, you can cook the whole giant pig or pork, all at once. The variants of it can hold up to 45 kg of pig, 4-6 turkeys, 8-10 pork shoulders, 8-10 pork rib slabs, 16-18 whole chickens, and anything equivalent to this. So now, you can easily save your time and can cook for uncountable people right at once, while also undertaking other chores.

No requirements to spend additional bucks on other equipment

Again, this is one great benefit which comes with the La Caja China roasting boxes. While you opt for our products, you will never feel like buying or renting any other equipment for the satisfaction of your bulk cooking needs. This is because, you can do a lot much with our roasters. It could be easily used up as a BBQ grill for the rib racks, roasted vegetables, burgers and a lot more. This eventually eliminates the need of carrying those heavy weighted bulky grills and ovens which never cook as per expectations.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Our roasting boxes are very effective and efficient on the working and quality levels, thus, they demand very less maintenance. The caterers can have the benefit of carrying such roasters to every party after which, they just need to clean it out properly with wet clothe and desired washing material to avoid the food from sticking within the space of the roaster. Proper care definitely eliminates the need of any repair or maintenance and thus, it finally works at its best for years and years.

Easy to use and economical

And finally, our La Caja China roasting boxes are designed creatively well to suit the hands of every caterer or cook. Right after using it for once or twice, you will get acquainted with the ways of how it works. Apart from this, the box is highly economical. You can find it upon our official online store at some amazing prices and wide varieties. And if it’s still not fitting in your budget, then you just have the right option to get it on rent from us. As you get the event done, return the box back and relax.

Thus, we at La Caja China, are all set to expand up the reach of our roasters and grills while serving our fellow caterers and restaurant owners with the best that we have! With the use of our roasting boxes, you will definitely enhance the beauty of every event that you cater for, and will even impress all of the guests, while being the eye candy of the host!

SP-150DP Negro

SP-150DP Black 45 kg Roaster

SP-150DP Plata

SP-150DP Silver 45 kg Roaster

SP-300DP Rojo

SP-300DP Red 45 kg Roaster

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