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La Caja China in Business: Hotels

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Know all about La Caja China

La Caja China started firstly as a family business and then it gained its popularity among top-rated chefs. But now it provides its services to restaurants, caterers, hotels, fast-food joints and many other commercial venues as well. They have the ability of cooking a variety of dishes in less time and with less work as well.

As we all know that the main challenge that has to be faced by caterers in hotels is to have the right equipment available so that they can provide with variety of dishes that are being offered to the guests.

Hotels will cater to many different groups with various meal and event requests. Investing in equipment with the capacity to feed large groups and handle different types of food is essential.

Speciality of La Caja China

La Caja China provides you with the perfect meat roasts, especially a delicious pig roast. They provide you with distinctive cooking experience, while various incredible roasting boxes and grills are very efficiently designed to cook the meat in a very convenient manner. All types of meat such as chicken, turkey, fish and pig can easily be cooked in them and can create a smacking taste with juicy softness and delicious crisp.

How La Caja China can help chefs in hotels?

People who love to eat barbecues must have experienced the traditional ways of cooking the meat over the large fire or in metal ovens. But today this kind of meat roasts are very time consuming and expensive as well. While with the La Caja China one can easily roast a lot of meat at once and save a lot of time doing so. They are quick in cooking, easy to handle, mobile and are compatible as well.

Benefits of using La Caja China pig roaster in hotels

Simultaneous cooking experience

As in many hotels chefs have to make more orders within the due time.  But in our case, La Caja China roasters can be the best coming equipment for the chefs, which can easily make different dishes in the same box. Chefs can cook the whole chickens or ribs, there are many chefs with creative recipes to grill duck, lamb and pork and many more things as well. Therefore our roasting grill helps them in bringing one of the most creative combinations for the people visiting the hotel, without wasting their precious time. People can easily experience the incredible taste of different meat roasts, freshly cooked and served straight from the roaster to the plate.


Capacities of cooking a big amount of food

the La Caja China roasting box has a great capacity and can easily cook the entire pig in record time. And while food is cooking in the box, the chefs can use the hot coals to grill any kind of appetizers to the hotel guests. Several boxes cooking at once can be very helpful in catering a large event; for example only one of the bestselling roasters can easily cook up to 45 kg pig or 16 to 18 chickens or 8 to 10 pork rib slabs. Variety of food can be easily prepared within less time and delay.


Little maintenance with great performance

Not like the traditional huge and bulky cooking equipment, the La Caja China roaster provides you with easy and the most convenient way of cooking whole pig roasts. The maintenance turns out to be easy and takes very little time.  And thus there is no demand for any repairs work as well. Roasters are also easy to use, require little learning to master and while cooking they take very little overseeing. They also take very little time to clean (only water and dishwasher are used) and can be cleaned and ready to be used again in a matter of minutes.


La Caja China provides this convenience for hotels and conference centers that need to provide large event services. The roaster has the capacity and the versatility to handle numerous different events, making your establishment more marketable. In addition, the easy, straightforward design means that outside caterers that may utilize your equipment will be able to use the La Caja China box easily.

SP-150DP Negro

SP-150DP Black 45 kg Roaster

1.555,40 €
1.829,88 €

SP-300DP Rojo

SP-300DP Red 45 kg Roaster

1.951,90 €
2.439,88 €

SP-150DP Plata

SP-150DP Silver 45 kg Roaster

1.555,40 €
1.829,88 €
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