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La Caja China in Business: Restaurants

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Pig roasting boxes cooking in restaurants.


Skeptical about where to roast your perfect meat meal especially pig roast? Well, never stay in doubt when La Caja China is around! Initiated in December 23, 1985, the idea of roasting the meats, especially pigs to get a distinctive cooking experience within unique boxes has got initiated in the company’s factory located within Hialeah, Florida.

The La Caja China brings in certain incredible roasting box and roasting grills which are efficiently designed to cook every sort of meat in the most convenient and delicious manner. Chickens, turkeys, fish and ribs just fall under the category of those amazing dishes which you can easily cook up and create a limitless combination of uniqueness and lip smacking taste with juicy softness on the inside and utterly delicious crisp on the outside. So lest read further and find out how La Caja China is the best in class!

La Caja China roasters cooking in back of restaraunt.


The glorious grill history of La Caja China

For the people who aren’t quite acquainted with the native language, La Caja China actually means a “Chinese box”. The idea was roughly taken up and is inspired from the unique and ancient wooden boxes which were brought to Cuba by the Chinese people around 1850’s so as to roast their meats and various other kind of foods. More than 150,000 Chinese natives then got to Cuba and worked as laborers. While they were on their job of constructing the rail road’s, they also brought up the incredible culinary of china with themselves. The Cubans then got introduced with the Chinese box and that’s how the astonishing product came in to the city.

Pig roaster in garden.


How do the La Caja China roasters help the chefs and restaurants?

People, who are great fond of barbecues and differentiated food eating, would have experienced the traditional ways of cooking the meat over large bricks or the metal ovens. However, as today everyone looks out fro a lucrative deal, these ovens turn out to be the most time consuming as well as expensive ones. While you specifically roast the meat, the ovens produce tender and juicy BBQ, yet, its low productivity and immense cooking time requires the customers to wait for long. However, as the La Caja China grill and pig roasters have now came in the league, things have become quite easy and compatible.

The major benefits it features include:

1. Simultaneous cooking experience!

What if the space is less and you want to fulfill more orders within due time? Well, La Caja China roasters will do the work for you. If the cooking time of the products be same, then the chefs could probably use the same box to cook over more than one meat. Like ribs and whole chicken. Chefs with some interesting brain boggling ideas are also opting for these grills to cook duck, lamb, pork shoulders, turkey and a lot more. This also brings some creative combinations of meat for the customers without wasting their valuable time and leaving them furious in hunger. The versatility is the key to an incredible taste being experienced here.

2. Great capacity to cook incredible amount of food!

The roasting box, grills or the pig roasters here generally deliver huge capacity to cook an entire BBQ without even wasting single minute. The roaster here offers some astonishing benefits like it can cook around 50kg of pig within four hours. Moreover, the large capacity is the only solution to all the problems within a restaurant. This certainly gives the restaurant owners or the chefs, a liberty to cook more food in the least possible time and space. This brings in higher quality of food with the crispy and juicy taste which the customers always keep seeking on. Variety of food could be thus prepared within hours without any delay. The best selling roaster here could cook and serve up to 45 kg of pig, 4-6 turkeys, 16-18 whole chickens, 8-10 pork shoulders, 8-10 pork ribs slabs or any other kind of meat or fish.

Food cooked in La Caja China roasting grill.

3. Little maintenance and great performance!

Unlike the traditional huge, bulky ovens, the La Caja China roasters make way for more convenience and portability with their easy to use pig roasters. Their maintenance and usage turns out to be quite easy and thus, they become easy to be cleaned up and also they don’t demand any kind of repair work as such. Their simple and user friendly design make them as an effective investment for lifetime. Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance procedures are also easy which neither require any specialization, nor ask for technicians to fit in place. Thus, preferring these pig roasters over the traditional ovens is an absolute fantastic deal.

4. A lucrative, affordable deal with timely and healthy cooking!

None of you would ever wish to see half roasted half burnt or uncooked meat in your plates! To save you from all the hectic of life and give you the perfect dining experience, the La Caja China roasters in restaurants have come up. The roasting box here spreads upon equal heat to all the areas and even comes with the customizable alternatives to cook differently. So, when you plan to get on an outing with your family or eat something healthy or delicious at the same time, you don’t have to bear with the pain of eating something unhealthy and improperly cooked. While saving your time and money, the roasters here give you the best experience.


Why choose the professional La Caja China roaster or buy one for personal needs?

Whether you own a restaurant or are a great fond of meat, especially roasted pig, then you certainly need to have the La Caja China roaster at your home. To serve your customers, or family members with a perfectly grilled or roasted meat, this box will always do the talking. The grilling done here will certainly mesmerize your guests and will have the perfect impression of a lifetime on them.  There are various kind of La Caja China roasters available with the dealers. So, all you are supposed to do is, just find the suitable pig roaster as per your needs and comfort and have it delivered right on your footsteps. You can even customize the boxes by putting up your own company logo, and taking your business to great heights.

These Chinese boxes are most probably witnessed within restaurants, however, people who regularly engage in cooking BBQ or other food items, can opt for the same conveniently keep it in their houses.

One of the most professional roaster and the largest selling one is the SP-300DP (comes in black, red and silver) which fulfills all your professional cooking desires with ease. This incredible model of the La Caja China brings in all the distinct capabilities like its previous version, but it comes with an updated, sleek and modern look.teh roaster includes numerous benefits that make it stand out of the crowd. It comes with 2x top large grills, with 1x wind deflector along with 1x ash disposal. Its amazing capacity helps all the professionals to bring out the perfect aroma and flavor from their meat which everyone keeps on seeking for.

SP-300DP Negro

SP-300DP Black 45 kg Roaster

2.195,89 €
2.439,88 €

SP-300DP Rojo

SP-300DP Red 45 kg Roaster

2.073,90 €
2.439,88 €

SP-300DP Plata

SP-300DP Silver 45 kg Roaster

2.195,89 €
2.439,88 €


Main reasons why professionals use La Caja China

Quality and durability - the La Caja China roasters are made in the USA and their spare parts are available at most common geographical locations. As there are very less requirements of specialized maintenance and repair, the product experiences normal and frequent cleansing which easily enhances its lifespan up to number of years. So, you just have to cleanse it well after every use and the product would stay away from all sorts of problems.

Convenience in cooking - when you plan you buy this product, you would figure out that it’s not just a roaster, but is a multitasking equipment in itself. It acts as a smoker, as a regular charcoal grill and the most astonishing part is that; it fulfills the needs of 3 equipments within the price of just one. However, the product when shipped is disassembled so you need to fix certain parts which could be done easily. This brings a ray of hope for all the chefs who hate spending hours standing beside the ovens. As here, the ease of cooking helps the chefs to save their time as they can simultaneously cook different food items.

Versatility and class performance - right quality of equipment is equally important as much as your cooking skills are. People generally could not find the right solution to their problems as either their equipment doesn’t functions well, or they don’t have the efficient handling capacity. But with this La Caja China roaster or grill, you can easily tame the flame. The use of the box would turn out all the negatives into your plus points. You can easily roast any kind of meat, especially pig which requires precision while cooking. Not only meat, but team up your meat with veggies and burgers on the top to create the lip smacking combination of all time.


What else does the La Caja China team bring for you?

This is not the end to the incredible services being offered by the La Caja China. Apart from serving a remarkable experience in restaurants all over the world and selling the worlds perfect pig roasters, we can also provide catering services and giving roasters on rent. Those who need to make their special day, personal gathering or any professional event a grand success, can always look up to the services offered by La Caja China. The team of expert professionals is always ready to prepare the most lip smacking food of all time. Moreover, the exclusive delights from the grills and roasters would be the actually highlight of the event.

People, who don’t probably like to hire the catering service, or just need a grill for a small hangout, can easily get it on rent. The rent rates of these grills and roasters are not only pocket friendly, but they easily help you to cook the desirable food with your personal twist and turns. As soon as you get over your party, you can return back the grills and save your time from maintenance of an owned grill and storage of it.

Another benefit of La Caja China roasters and grills is that, you can find all of their spare parts and related accessories on the official online platform. So, when you plan to buy the grill, you can simultaneously take up the accessories or other equipments at reasonable rates. So, this is how La Caja China pig roasters and grills are dealing with all your personal and professional needs, while serving the best meat of the town. Try it once!

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