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La Caja China is The Best Pig Roaster!

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Best pig roasting box.

La Caja China is The Best Pig Roaster

Throughout history, the whole roasted pig was a symbol of wealth and power. It was the centrepiece of the dining room tables of kings and queens across the world. The masses simply couldn’t afford to enjoy such a luxury. Fortunately, that is no longer the case!

Thanks to the innovative and creative thinking of Roberto Guerra back in the mid-1980s, we now have the La Caja China pig roasting box – an affordable and easy-to-use pig roaster that will transform the way you look at pig roasting forever. If you ever thought about roasting a whole pig to take your family gatherings to the next level, but were discouraged by the hours of preparation and labour required, we are happy to present to you a solution to all of your problems.


What Is Pig Roasting Box?

This is no ordinary BBQ or grill. As a matter of fact, it’s not even an ordinary pig roasting box. It’s the best on the market, without a doubt.

First introduced to the market in the late 1980s, the La Caja China pig roaster was inspired by the traditional “Chinese box” that was incredibly popular for roasting whole pigs in Cuba. The long, wooden boxes could hold the entire carcass of a pig and roast it to perfection in a matter of hours.

Upon discovering the Chinese box and understanding how it worked, Roberto Guerra began manufacturing his own version for the American market to help revolutionise the BBQ industry, as well as to provide a unique and unforgettable cooking experience for the American public.

With its ability to cook entire pigs to absolute perfection, the La Caja China’s popularity exploded, and its reputation as the king of pig roasting was cemented across the entire country. However, Roberto Guerra’s dream of sharing the convenient and delicious apparatus to the masses does not stop within the borders of North America. With a new focus on the European market, it is now available for purchase all across the European Continent, allowing YOU to experience the magic of pig roasting for yourself.

Roasting whole pig


So What Can the La Caja China Do Exactly?

Not only it is the best pig roaster on the market, bar none, it’s also an easy, efficient and enjoyable way to roast whatever other meat you want to present to the guests at your family gathering or event. Chickens, turkeys, ribs and fish are just a few examples of the limitless combinations of foods that you can prepare with this one, easy to assemble roasting box.

With all of that being said, the star of the show is the La Caja China’s ability to roast an entire pig up to 35kg in weight to absolute perfection in just four hours! Just imagine the look on your families face when you unveil a delicious, succulent pig as the main course of the BBQ. Now imagine preparing that with ease, in just a few hours. If you are passionate about BBQing, this roasting box will completely change the way you grill, and will undoubtedly be the greatest investment you have ever made.

Roasting box techonology


How Does Pig Roaster Work?

What makes the La Caja China stand out from its competitors is its fast assembly times, ease of use and its quick, effortless maintenance. Straight out the box, you can have your very own full-sized pig roasting box fully assembled in less than 30 minutes, ready to roast its very first hog.

The first step to preparing the perfect roasted pig is to source a suitable sized pig from your local butchers or slaughterhouse. It’s available in a few different sizes and styles, depending on the size and specifications to suit your needs. Preparing the beast is as simple as injecting La Caja China’s own unique marinade and rubbing the skin down with their blend of delicious spices. Leave the pig to marinade overnight, and you are ready to roll.

The grill box is filled with high quality charcoal, the pig is locked between wire racks, added to the Chinese Box and left to do its thing. While you are waiting for the pig to cook to perfection, you can use your time to prepare some suiting side dishes to compliment the roasted pig. Coleslaw, smoked baked beans and potato salad are great choices.

When the time has come to flip your pig over to crisp the skin, simply flip the wire racks around, scar the pigs skin with a sharp knife and leave to roast for a little while longer. By now your nostrils will be permeated by the delicious scent of the marinated flesh of the roasting pig. It’s going to be hard to contain yourself, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

When the pig is ready to serve, simply remove it from the racks, leave it to cool for 20 to 30 minutes, and start serving. A word of warning though – the compliments will come thick and fast, so be prepared. If you are ready to solidify your identity as the king of the grill, it’s time for you to stop dreaming and start doing.

Portable pig roaster


La Caja China Grills History

You are probably wondering what’s with the name. Well, it’s actually pretty simple. La Caja China, roughly translated to the Chinese box was inspired by the unique, wooden boxes that the Chinese people brought to Cuba during the 1850’s to roast their meats, and other types of foods. Over 150,000 Chinese natives were brought to Cuba as labourers, to construct the rail roads, but luckily for us, they didn’t come empty handed. They brought with them the thousands of years of Chinese culinary know-how and magic. If those labourers would have never introduced the Cubans to the Chinese Box, we probably would have never got to chance to experience such a culinary marvel.

The Cubans loved the idea and started to integrate the Chinese box method into their own culinary culture, slowly tweaking and perfecting the method until the 1980’s when Roberto Guerra brought the roasting box to the American market, by transporting them from Cuba to Miami.

When you are enjoying the delicious taste of a freshly roasted hog, just remember the journey that this unique method of cooking has been on and it will make the experience that little bit more magical.

Whole pig roasted in 4 hours


La Caja China Brand & Popularity

Being such a new product to the European market, the chances of you hearing about a La Caja China pig roasting grill before was probably pretty slim. However, the lack of popularity across the rest of the world does not undervalue the sheer dominance and rapid growth the roaster experienced across Northern America. Ever since the first model was introduced almost 30 years ago, the La Caja China brand has grown into a name that is synonymous with BBQ and grilling. If you were to ask an American friend what the best pig roasting grill box in America was, providing they are somewhat into BBQ and grilling themselves, La Caja China will be their top pick.

Pig roasting is not a niche market in the United States. It’s big business, and our roasters are at the forefront of that. Being featured on popular celebrity programs including Martha Stewart, Andrew Zimmern and Bobbie Flay has helped the La Caja China brand establish itself in the homes of everyone across the country.


So How Do I Buy La Caja China in Europe?

With our roasting box, you now have the chance to experience the magic of pig roasting for yourself, all from the comfort of your own back garden. If you want to trust your grilling skills and blow away your guests with a mouth-watering selection of perfectly marinated and cooked meats, choosing to purchase a La Caja China is a no-brainer. Bring your family closer together this summer by investing in your very own pig roasting grill. Your taste buds will thank you.
If you are in the market for the best pig roaster in the world and you want more information on the variety of different models available, as well as specifications and a more in-depth instructions guide, head over to the La Caja China website today!

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